All Australian businesses are required to report their tax obligations but this is something that many businesses struggle with.


In recent years, the taxation office has become stricter with deadlines and companies failing to lodge their paperwork on time.


Add to this the risk of lodging yourself, with the offence of reporting incorrectly carrying heavy penalties and it can become very daunting for the owner burdened with the task.


Our expert knowledge in conjunction with being registered BAS agents ensures your GST and any instalments are entered correctly and on time, avoiding late fees and penalties. In situations where deadlines or payments cannot be met, we also communicate with the ATO and register your company for extensions.


Our services include:

BAS & IAS preparation and lodgement;

Registered BAS agent services;

Electronic lodgement /lodgement extensions; and

Payment arrangements with ATO.

Free yourself from unproductive BAS downtime without risking your cash flow through non-compliance, late lodgements or incorrect GST. Leave it to the expertise of AJA Bookkeeping Services.


Bookkeeping Services

AJA Bookkeeping Services provides essential bookkeeping services to clients in Cairns and surrounding areas using a mobile service or from our office located on the outskirts of the Cairns City. AJA also supplies bookkeeping services to clients around Australia and PNG by making use of information technology systems and online services. We can assist you to take control of your business. We have the expertise to help you identify areas to improve efficiency and enhance profits. We are trained to cut expenses by doing things smarter and faster.


By allowing AJA Bookkeeping Services to process your bookkeeping, you will always have accurate and up to date financial reports. This will provide you with the confidence and tools to make decisions about cash flow, budgeting and tax planning. At AJA Bookkeeping Services we are more than just bookkeepers, we can help you in any of these areas if required.


Our services include:

Data entry;

Bank reconciliations;

Credit card and loan account reconciliations;

Petty cash;

Maintenance of general ledger; and

Preparation to trial balance for your accountant.

This can be prepared at a frequency which suits your needs – daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or annually.


If you want to gain more control of your business, by gaining more time to grow your business and having your financial function in expert hands, then contact the team at AJA Bookkeeping Services to see if our services can be of benefit to you. Our office based business model means that you will eliminate the need to re-hire and re-train staff as we do not resign.


System Set Up and Business Health Check

System Set Up

If it is your preference to prepare your own set of accounts but you want peace of mind that the system is set up correctly then AJA Bookkeeping Services can assist. We can ensure the chart of accounts are accurate and can assist you with everything from accurate reporting, streamlined income and expense tracking to a much stronger view of your business’s performance and way of operation. In the long term this will assist your bookkeeper, resulting in reduced management costs.


Business Health Check

If you have prepared your own accounts but want peace of mind knowing the taxes and accounts have been dealt with

 correctly then AJA Bookkeeping Services offers business health checks.


We can ensure your GST, payroll and accounts are in order and can offer these services at a frequency which suits your business needs.


This often also assists our clients to save costs with their accountant at financial years end.


Our clients can also benefit by having an outsiders view of their financial and operational performance.



Accounts Receivable (Trade Debtors)

Without an effective invoicing system, businesses can fail to receive income in a timely manner, this can have a crucial impact on cash flow. AJA can provide or administer support to maximise collection of your income.


Having a good receivables system will also allow for improved budgeting and future quoting, giving your bottom line a much healthier value.


Our services include:

Invoicing clients;

Allocating customer deposits, banking if required;

Issuing statements;

Setting up templates including business logos; and

Debtor management, collection of overdue accounts.

Chasing up defaulting debtors is time-consuming and challenging, especially when you have a business to run. If you need to understand where you are at all times, and have a proactive approach to debtor management, then let AJA Bookkeeping Services take accounts receivable off your plate and put monies owed into your bank.



Accounts Payable (Trade Creditors)

Timely and accurate management of your creditors is fundamental to understanding your exact financial position and predicting your future. Tracking your GST, part payments, early payments and liabilities can be a tricky task to manage. Knowing what to allocate where, when to do it and then recording it all is the key difference between a misleading financial position and your next holiday. By having improved control on this function you will have peace of mind knowing you have not made a decision based on your half finished books.


Our services include:


Entering creditor invoices;

Raising purchase orders;

Making payments – supplying remittances;

Petty cash;

Invoices due listings/ageing;

Creditor cash flow planning/ schedule payments; and

Seeking payment arrangements.

Let AJA Bookkeeping Services manage your accounts payable at a frequency which suits your business needs.



Payroll and Superannuation

Managing your payroll has never been easier with AJA’s integrated payroll solutions. AJA have the infrastructure in place,  resources and knowledge necessary to accurately process payments to your staff and contractors.


As payroll and payroll taxes considerably affect the net income of most companies, we recognise the importance of being up to date with all the latest changes to tax rates and regulations, award rates, deductions, allowances from the Australian Taxation Office and Fair Work Australia.


Processing of the payroll in a timely manner is essential for your business running smoothly. So at AJA we calendar of all your taxation and superannuation deadlines to keep you on track and your obligations paid on time.

Our services include:

Payroll and payslip management;

PAYG withholding reporting to ATO;

Payroll processing for gross and net figures including deductions, allowances and bonuses;

Annual, sick, long service leave, RDO and TOIL management;

Pay cheques or cash payments;

End of year PAYG (group) certificates and ATO annual summary;

Superannuation management – calculations, set up and payment;

Payroll tax returns;

Workcover remuneration advice;

Fringe benefits tax; and

AJA keeps abreast of changing legal requirements and legislation.


Switching to AJA’s payroll solutions is a smooth, strategic process even at the most difficult times of the year. When you need expert advice, accurate processing of wages, tax and superannuation AJA can custom design a payroll management system specifically for you. Our office based business model means that we can offer our services all year round as we do not go on holidays, this means you can go on holidays without having to worry about who is taking care of the payroll.





Changing Bookkeepers



If you haven’t been receiving the service you think you should be getting from your bookkeeper and would like to move your business to a firm which really cares, we can help you with the process.


We try to make the switch as easy as possible for you. Simply drop us an email or give us a call for a FREE 1 hour confidential consultation. We’d like to find out more about you and your business needs so we can assist you with better business management.


If you’re behind in your accounts we can get you up to date. We can contact your accountant and previous bookkeeper to obtain the information we need to get the job done on your behalf.


Many business owners in particular think that changing bookkeepers is disruptive and could lead to loss of benefits.

We can assure you, we are experienced in this process and in most cases we will improve productivity and reduce costs.






The benefits that accurate financial reporting have on your business can help you be more dynamic and can assist you with maintaining your competitive advantage. Obtaining the right information gives you the platform you need to make the right decisions and understand the overall performance of your business.


If cash flow is your business lifeblood, financial reporting is the heart of success.

AJA Bookkeeping Services provides a reporting solution suited to your business needs which can facilitate:


Budget and cash flow forecasting and planning;

Tax reporting – PAYG and GST;

Accessing up to date balance sheets and P&L reports;

Managing debtors and creditors;

Researching new business ventures, equipment or ideas;

Job costing;

Activity reporting;

Inventory management;

Financial year end reporting;

Bank loans; and

Selling the business.


If you want to make good decisions based on facts, with no more second guessing then let AJA Bookkeeping Services assist with your bookkeeping and financial reporting needs.





Office Administration

At AJA Bookkeeping Services we go the extra mile to assist our clients with any administrative tasks they may require.

This assists our clients by freeing up time which they can utilise to grow their business. There is a possibility AJA

has had more exposure to the task, thus a more productive way of “doing things.” This often helps our clients to save time and money.


AJA Bookkeeping Services can help to assist you with a wide range of administrative functions such as but not limited to:


Typing letters;

Business reports and proposals;

Employment guidelines, policies, letters & forms;

Correspondence & filing;

Phone support;


Travel arrangements;

Q leave lodgements;

Work cover declarations;

Invoice templates;

Booking client and customer appointments;

Maintenance of employee files and documents;

Designing and submitting employment adverts;

Organising advertising materials such as business cards and web site;

Liaising with persons, businesses or organisations on the clients behalf; and

Gathering industry relevant information for our clients such as the BSA for our tradesmen.


Are there roles in your business that you do not have the human or technological resources to be able to do. Maybe AJA Bookkeeping Services can help fill that void.






Virtual Office

The virtual office concept arose from AJA recognising the specific needs of its clients and tailoring the services to suit their needs. This service is becoming increasingly popular with our clients whom sometimes start with outsourcing the bookkeeping and over time proceed to other “virtual” tasks as they see the benefits.


Essentially, virtual office services mean that you have the use of “our office” as “your office”. This is not the hiring of office space as some perceive, but instead a facility for our clients to use for the delivery of their bookkeeping or administrative tasks. This can be in the form of : our business address (physical or email), technological or human resources.


This can be beneficial if:

You do not have the technological resources;

You run a mobile business and do not want to bring work into the home;

You do not have a physical address for your business;

You work away and want a professional taking care of your business while you work away;

You are busy running the business and do not have the time to process;

You do not have the skills or knowledge;

You feel there is a better use of your time;

You want to avoid the headaches of hiring staff, retraining and holidays;

You want absolute confidentiality of your payroll and bookkeeping; and

You want someone who will put in 150% every time, as they are not just another staff member.


Some of our virtual office support includes:

Using our email or postal address for the delivery of invoices or other items;

Having AJA liaise with clients, suppliers, staff and other stakeholders on your behalf;

Having AJA as a contact for your superannuation, ATO, Workcover and banking needs;

Telephone answering service;

Customer service via phone & email; and

Any extras that your business requires.

But just because we work remotely doesn’t mean we’re removed from your business. AJA Bookkeeping Services virtual administration is based on a thorough understanding of your specific goals and needs.


Do you want confidentiality assured and continuous quality service, without employing an office assistant? Outsource your administration to AJA Bookkeeping Services. Because when you say yes to our virtual support, you can say no to:


Expensive payroll taxes, superannuation & insurance;

Sick leave, annual leave & other employee entitlements;

Additional office equipment, technology & overheads;

Training and retraining of staff; and

Replacing staff during their absence.

Fast Turnaround

Do you need your finances prepared in a hurry for a finance application?


Is the ATO sending you legal notices and you need your books up to date in a hurry?


We can help you get your financials ready for your accountant as a matter of priority. It doesn’t matter how messy your paperwork is now, we can get it sorted then send it – all organised – directly to your accountant to have your tax returns submitted.


If you’re in a hurry to get a new work van, or want to stop the Tax Office chasing you for returns, let us sort out your mess so you can focus on managing and growing your business.







Programs we use

The staff at AJA Bookkeeping Services are highly trained and currently use the following software for our existing clients:



MYOB Business Basics

MYOB AccountRight

MYOB Premier

MYOB Enterprise

MYOB Live Accounts

MYOB AccountRight Live

Point of Sale (Retail Manager)


Reckon (QuickBooks)

Accounts Hosted

Accounts EasyStart

Accounts Accounting

Accounts Plus

Accounts Pro

Accounts Premier

Accounts Enterprise

Point of Sale



Xero Accounting




Attache Payroll

Attache Accounts



AJA has also been engaged to set up and utilise generic software systems specific to our clients needs.


AJA Bookkeeping Services does not have affiliations with any specific software company. AJA Bookkeeping Services prefers to recommend software after a valuation of the clients needs, rather than based on personal preference.


If you do not have an accounting system or preference, AJA Bookkeeping Services is able to offer to its clients, MYOB datafiles for exclusive use at a fraction of what you would pay.


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